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Buy Price Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate From Parsfaravar Manufacturer Factory 0.7 $

Fruit juice companies know very well that the purchase price of the bulk apple juice concentrate manufacturer is suitable for their bulk buy. The price of Parsfaravar apple concentrate is very reasonable and fair for beverage companies. In this article, you will learn more about this collection.

Location of Parsfaravar Apple Concentrate Factory

Parsfaravar Apple Juice Concentrate Production Plant is located in West Azerbaijan province and Urmia city of Iran. Where every year a huge amount of apple trees are bought by farmers to produce apple juice concentrate and apple puree.

Urmia Fruit Concentrate of Parsfaravar Company includes the following types:

  • Sour-Cherry Juice Concentrate
  • Apple Juice Concentrate
  • White Grape Juice concentrate
  • Black Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
  • Cantaloupe Concentrate
  • Blackberry Juice Concentrate
  • Plums Juice Concentrate
  • Carrot Juice Concentrate
  • Date Concentrate
  • Kiwi Juice Concentrate

Also, other types of fruit concentrates that you are considering are custom made and can be purchased by signing a fruit concentrate contract. Organic juice concentrate wholesale for our costumers send around the countries over the world.

Parsfaravar Company provides bulk apple juice concentrate and apple puree for many Iranian and foreign producers.

Parsfaravar Fruit Concentrate Factory is one of the wholesale apple juice suppliers, with its production method taken from German companies, considers that the company’s product is suitable for the best and highest quality products with well-known names and brands.

Parsfaravar Fruit Concentrate Production Line Technology

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

As you see the concentrated apple juice ingredients in above picture.

Parsfaravar is one of the largest producers and exporters of fruit concentrates, fruit purees, aromas, fruit nectar and flavored drinks. The technology company has equipped its fruit concentrate production line with Italian and German companies.

The price of the apple concentrate machine, which consists of several machines, has been very high, and this investment has been made by the partners of this collection and for currency appreciation in this field.

The process of producing apple concentrate in Parsfaravar Company is briefly explained below:

  • Buy fresh apples from farmers
  • Wash apples in the pool
  • Secondary washing of apples
  • Crush apple trees and produce apple paste
  • Initial filtration of apple paste paste
  • Secondary filtration of apple juice
  • Production of Aruma apple tree
  • Extracting Pectin from apple trees
  • Concentrate apple juice at a temperature of 40 – 60. C.
  • Vacuum packaging in a spastic bag

Export of Parsfaravar apple juice concentrate is the most important factor in the production of this product in spastic packaging and in high circulation.

Apple Brix 70 concentrate price

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple juice concentrate produced by Parsfaravar Company is sold at a reasonable price. Our goal is to satisfy customers. This criterion has made the price of apple concentrate Brix 70 in the world a reasonable and competitive price.

The price of each kilogram of Parsfaravar apple concentrate is 0.7 $ Ex-work.

Dear customer, you can buy apple concentrate with 265 kg barrel packaging.

Apple juice concentrate manufacturers

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

In Iran today, apple juice concentrate producers are producing more than Iranian apple trees with the aim of producing and creating added value.

For customers who are buying bulk fruit concentrate, they should know that with the end of spring and the beginning of summer, many apple trees are purchased and used to produce apple puree and apple concentrate. In these seasons, we will register and send your bulk order at a reasonable production price.

You can download our apple juice concentrate data sheet on this below bottom. Click on it!

Urmia Pars Concentration Factory is an innovator in the fruit processing industry

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

Urmia Parsfaravar Concentrate Plant, together with other Iranian concentrate factories in the country’s pulverized and fruit juice processing industries, annually have a very high exchange rate for Iran. Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate is our best sweaters in the food industries.

Bulk apple juice concentrate has a cheaper packing that can be a factors of decreasing apple concentrate price.

Parsfaravar is an innovator in employing young and well-thought-out forces in its entire structure. This youthfulness has led to the changes needed to continuously improve and improve the quality of this collection at the moment of decision-making and implementation.

Parsfaravar apple concentrate is being exported to the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Emirates
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkey
  • Armenia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine
  • South Africa
  • Oman
  • Qatar

Parsfaravar brand with the name of fruit concentrate in Iran is also known for other countries.

Also you can purchase every vegetables and fruit juice concentrates. Carrot juice concentrate is one of the best quality we have in Iran’s Parsfaravar companies.

If you want to know where to buy juice concentrates of Parsfaravar we can send proforma invoice on your order and you easily catch it.

Provides a variety of fruit concentrates and fruit purees for beverage factories

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

It can be said that our largest domestic and foreign customers on this site are beverage factories. For our customers in these companies, providing a variety of fruit concentrates and fruit purees every time they buy is very important in managing the side costs.

Today, most beverages are offered under different brands in single-flavor or multi-fruit flavors in the form of syrups, syrups, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, pulped and nectar drinks.

Of course, many other food industries are also our customers in this branch:

  • Confectionery
  • Taffy making
  • Chocolate making
  • Ice cream making
  • Washing
  • Dessert making
  • Jam making
  • Marmalade making

You can meet the needs of your factory online by requesting and receiving the official invoice of Parsfaravar Company online.

Special sale for domestic consumers of apple concentrate

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

We have always promised customers that domestic consumers of apple concentrate, due to the large volume of purchases they have, can always receive our invoice discount at a reasonable price.

At the beginning of 2020, with the crisis of Corona virus, this is a great opportunity to buy at a reasonable price. Due to the distance to the season of fruit concentrate production in spring and summer, you can now make the best use of our inventory and buy at the price of fruit concentrate production in 1398.

The producer of apple concentrate of Parsfaravar Company in 2020, with the fair purchase price of apple tree from farmers, will determine the selling price of apple concentrate.

Bulk Apple Juice Concentrate

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