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where to buy grapefruit juice concentrate frozen supplier | Parsfaravar wholesale

If you want to know where to buy frozen grapefruit juice concentrate Parsfaravar wholesale and also How much is juice from concentrate please read this article below directly from Mostafa Rashidi head of Parsfaravar industrial business fruit group.

Hello people I am Mostafa Rashidi Head chief from Parsfaravar Company I am the head of industrial business fruit group. In this podcast I want to tell you some information about grapefruit juice concentrate. In these days we are receiving fresh fruits from farmers harvested and loaded in containers full buy fresh grape fruit. Kind of citrus you know I have believed this is full of vitamin C and very healthy for routine days you can consume it I can say you need and you must consume it in your juices. You my brother that have a juice factory, in your factory you can can produce juices Brix value less than 30 with adding sugars to fruit concentrates like grapefruit juice that you can buy us in bulk for wholesale in metal barrels aseptic bags in 265 kg net weight. Call me on WhatsApp application brother and take your order I’m respond on every days for you.

Export market prices for Iran grapefruit juice concentrate

Iran’s Parsfaravar company top exported markets for grapefruit juice concentrate are Malaysia, Sweden, China, Germany and Hungary. We can say Turkey is the biggest buyer of Iranian fruit juice concentrate produced in Parsfaravar company high quality that are sent to European countries. Citrus juices from old time are favor flavors of people specially in cold days of winter. Soft drinks we have supplied fruit juices are none alcoholic and healthy fruits and procedures of production factory.

Brix value <= 30 of grapefruit juice is in tetra packages and in 250 cc/ 1 liters. But grapefruit juices are packed in aseptic and in metal drums.

grapefruit juice concentrate

Best export values for Iran grapefruit juice

100% grapefruit juice benefits are provided in grapefruit concentrate in bulk. Many dollars of costumers are easy payed for grapefruit juice of Parsfaravar productions in fruit juices and fruit purees.

Grapefruit juice concentrate is full vitamin c needed for every human body in this COVID19 pandemic days. Parsfaravar company is on top of wholesaler for Fruits Juices Concentrate in Iran. Our costumers these days have bought many tons of fruit juice concentrate like Grapefruit Juice concentrate in bulk.

Also Organic Juice Concentrate For Sale Iran’s Factory of Parsfaravar is now have very good prices for costumers like it to buy in whole.

Iran grapefruit juice export values produced in Parsfaravar co.

Money values of grapefruit juice is normal trading counts for this field of fruit juice concentrates are produced from fresh fruits. Its excited Is fruit concentrate real? where can I buy grapefruit juice healthy and in colorful kindly love it people like to drink juices natural and healthy.

List of fruit companies in Iran that produces fruit productions on top is Parsfaravar factories are chosen through experts of this company. Iran Grapefruit juice Prices are very challenging traders of other countries for buying in whole.

grapefruit juice concentrate

Best price for wholesale fruit concentrate in Iran

Best price for wholesale fruit concentrate in Iran are released from Parsfaravar productions that have the quality number one and best nutrition needed for human body. Also you can buy Bulk Tomato Paste in aseptic bags in metal drums. Parsfaravar are now supplier of all juice factories consuming fruit juice concentrate best quality that haven’t any additional like sucrose fructose dextrose etc.

Juice concentrate price is on FOB/Ex-work/CFR/CIF terms of contracts. Read below links about our other productions:

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Costumers these days from Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Iraq , Turkey buy bulk apple juice concentrate from Parsfaravar company directly.

you can take phone number of seller of Parsfaravar office from Contact us page and inform us about how much fruit juice concentrate you want. Grapefruit juice concentrate have many benefits for consumers and its ready for loading on 40 ft containers. Buy us frozen grapefruit juice shortage 2021 in aseptic bags high quality in metal barrels. 4 barrels are palletized and 18 pallets are loaded

grapefruit juice concentrate

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