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Best Price For Wholesale Fruit Concentrate | Parsfaravar Industrial Business Group

Costumers ask us about wholesale fruit concentrate in best economic quantity and kinds. You better contact us and get advice before buying fruit concentrate and fruit purees. The best fruit concentrate price for wholesale related to your goods want to produce in your factory.

How fruit Juice Concentrate Suppliers Produces ?

Fruit juice concentrate suppliers have process from harvesting fruits to storing juices of fruits have concentrated and packed. Fruit concentrate suppliers try the best quality on a routine price of fruit juice concentrates. Parsfaravar is one of a fruit juice concentrate manufacturers in Iran and The Middle East.

The 6 Biggest Fruit Concentrates Factories

Wholesale Fruit Concentrate

As you want to know Biggest fruit juice concentrate factories around the world; we can inform you about one of the largest specialized mother producers in the field of industrial fruits Parsfaravar Co. This company every year have purchased the best fruits from farmers and their lands, transit them to the productions lines and fruits take below process for changing to fruit concentrates or purees; lets see how to make fruit concentrate:

  • Pre-wash
  • Damping
  • Wash in a steel pool
  • Cold press & make a paste of fruit
  • Filtration
  • Concentration
  • Packing in Aseptic Bags.

Our company, FRUIT CONCENTRATES and FRUIT PUREES in association with PARSFARAVAR Co. IMPORT & EXPORT FJC and FJP, packs the products in aseptic bags in metal drums according to the desires of each client — with individualized, private brands and marks and the necessary presentation to meet those brands’ standards. Most seriously, we look for food products that you want. We will specially design the packaging and take care of all export processes on delivery location.
We currently export pulps, juices,purees, and fruit concentrate to:

  • The United States,
  • Germany,
  • Spain,
  • Costa Rica,
  • El Salvador
  • Italy
  • Capetown
  • Russia
  • Australia

We have a wealth of trade experience dealing with exportation policies from Iran to around the world. We wholesale fruit concentrate for many food industries based on health organic fruits and vegetables.

Why fruit juice concentrate bulk produces ?

Wholesale Fruit Concentrate

May be you ask why fruit juice concentrate bulk production?! We answer due to the production capacity of the juice line is more than 10.000 Kg per day. So in Parsfaravar factories we produces and packed in bulk:

  • Bulk fruit juice suppliers have productions 265 Kg net weight on each aseptic bags
  • Metal barrels for keeping safe transitions
  • Fruit concentrates Brix 60-70
  • Fruit Purees Brix 10-40

So you can buy fruit juice concentrate bulk by issuing a proforma for your company. Frozen juice concentrate keep in -18 cool conditions.

Juice concentrate wholesale and delivers on every destinations our costumers ask us.

Our kinds of organic fruit concentrate

Wholesale Fruit Concentrate

As you have industries you must know about our kinds of organic fruit concentrates and purees:

  • Apple juice concentrate bulk (AJC)
  • Peach juice wholesale puree (PJP)
  • Bulk lemon juice concentrate (LJC)
  • Bulk pineapple juice concentrate (PiJC)
  • Organic kiwi juice concentrate (KJC)
  • Organic strawberry juice concentrate (SJC)
  • Bulk strawberry puree (SJP)
  • Mango juice concentrate (MJC)
  • Mango puree concentrate (MPC)
  • Apple puree bulk (AJP)
  • Bulk orange juice concentrate (OJC)
  • Apricot puree bulk (ApJP)
  • Tart-Cherry juice concentrate (TCJC)
  • Pomegranate juice concentrate (PJC)
  • Mulberry puree bulk (MJP)
  • White grape juice concentrate (WGJC)
  • Red grape juice concentrate (RGJC)
  • Carrot juice concentrate (CJC)

Wholesale fruit concentrate on each flavors and kinds of fruits have different prices. For example you can decide apricot puree to buy or mango puree concentrate. Juice concentrate wholesale is a competitive advantage for the buyer.

I can suggest you frozen strawberry juice concentrate an special flavor and very beautiful color. Natural sweater of a summer strawberry in many below productions is awesome:

  • confectionery
  • Ice cream making
  • Ice cream cover
  • Fruit leather

Looking For The Organic Juice Bulk

Wholesale Fruit Concentrate

I think you are looking for the organic juice bulk and fruit puree deliver in your country. yes !!!!!!!

It’s very easy just connect to our business experts of Parsfaravar Company.  They guide you to that you need. Their special work is wholesale organic fruit juice concentrates and purees. When we say organic it means organic fruits and organic process of productions lines of manufacturers.

Now decide on which fruit juice concentrates and purees you want and order it. Organic juice bulk in aseptic bags loading on your factories lands.

Organic Fruit Puree Wholesale From Cold Production Line

Want fruit pulps and juice concentrates of the highest quality from us. Organic fruit puree wholesale in cold method of production line in our factory keeps the natural fruit brix after producing paste of fruits. As yet, we produce kinds of below cold fruit purees:

  1. Apple puree
  2. Strawberry puree
  3. Melon puree
  4. Saffron Peach puree

If you want to test these organic fruit purees its easy to purchase it for every 20 tons per order. Bulk apple juice concentrate and puree are packed in aseptic bags. Aseptic peach puree is exported to many countries and its very applicant.

  • 220 Kg fruit puree
  • 265 Kg fruit concentrate

Best price for wholesale fruit concentrate and purees is informed from our company. Peach juice concentrate is very common on famous brands of drinks. Rany is the biggest company in Iran that use from peach juice concentrate for producing juices and soft drinks.

Orange & Lemon Juice Concentrate Suppliers

Wholesale Fruit Concentrate

Citrus are fruits that have pulp constructions into them. In process of producing watering of Citrus; must blow these baubles of water fruit pulps. Orange & Lemon juice concentrate suppliers very good know about their demand for products. Fresh lemon and orange are commencement for juicing. These citrus have many of Vitamin C and Citric Acids.

Parsfaravar is one of puree companies in the world trading of fruit juice concentrate and fruit puree. Production with standard procedures build a reliable name of it. Many bulk fruit puree suppliers try to get what they work in this Industrial company.

Parsfaravar Co. have informed costumers best price for wholesale fruit concentrate and fruit purees.

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