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Organic Juice Concentrate For Sale Iran’s Factory

One of the best products that humans have ever made is the fruit concentrate plant. This product has transformed the world of juices and other fruit products. As life expectancy increases, fruit concentrates have become a product that many large corporate juicers and small juicers are looking to juice concentrate for sale.

Although it is difficult to produce organic fruit concentrate in Iran, if you work continuously with the fruit market trader, a trader will help the customer in preparing organic fruit and then producing its product (for example, fruit concentrate). The good sales of the fruit concentrate market these days have made investors in other fields want to enter the field.

Juice concentrate sale for many factories and food industries.

Apple Concentrate and Apple Puree Factory

Juice Concentrate For Sale

Parsfaravar Company, in its first construction, set up a factory to produce apple concentrate and apple puree in the region of Urmia city in West Azerbaijan. With the aim of supporting apple farmers, the work of this region flourished and in the production of apple concentrate and apple puree with high added value for domestic and foreign customers. Fruit Concentrate In this factory, by concentrating heat, it was the first production line of concentrate production to produce high quality fruit concentrate. Fruit processing is done in a concentrate factory with high quality world standard.

In this website, Juice concentrate for sale for costumers have been programmed. Frozen orange juice concentrate bulk is one of the other delicious fruit juice concentrate of Parsfaravar companies. Orange juice concentrate have a orange color and natural taste . Carrot Juice concentrate is another orange color fruit concentrate has a natural sweetness . In below you better know Organic fruit juice concentrates:

  • organic watermelon concentrate
  • organic orange concentrate
  • organic kiwi juice concentrate
  • organic apple juice concentrate
  • organic apple puree
  • organic cantaloupe puree
  • organic strawberry puree
  • organic apricot puree
  • organic pomegranate concentrate
  • organic barberry concentrate

And maybe you know Iran as a pole of pomegranate fruit. It is a very healthy fruit with beautiful red color and sour-sweat taste . Bulk organic pomegranate juice is a very profitable natural water for heart of humans.

Production of apple concentrate with concentrated brix

Juice Concentrate For Sale

Apple concentrate is produced with Brix 70 and after concentrating, it is packaged in a spastic bag. Apple concentrate is used as a natural sweetener in food. Apple cider vinegar is a natural tree and its digestion and absorption in the body is very fast and without any side effects. Wholesale bulk apple juice concentrate without any additives and is organic; has a sweat taste and known as a natural sugar one of the best fructose of fruits.

The best quality of fruit concentrate production in Iran

Quality has different dimensions. Quality in production can be the quality of purchase, the quality of the production method. Supervision is the most important thing in production. The standard used in Parsfaravar Concentrate Plant is performed by auditing the German company and the production equipment of the Italian company.

You can request juice concentrate for sale in packaging Aseptic bags in metal drums with 265 Kgr net weight.Our organic Frozen juice concentrate must keep in cool conditions -18 degree Centigrade . Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group is now one of the biggest organic juice concentrate suppliers in the world. As you wish every fruit concentrate and fruit purees , you can see our kinds of fruit concentrate on this site and then call us and order it.

Every year, German experts visit Parsfaravar Fruit Concentration Factories to confirm the best quality of fruit concentrate and fruit puree production in Iran. The best fruit concentrate production in Iran currently belongs to Parsfaravar Company, which performs the purchase, production and sales processes by skilled workers as well as well-thought-out youth.

If you looking for 100% juice concentrate, it’s almost impossible and the production wouldn’t be usable for other food industries, because of poor color and bad taste of burnt concentrated juice. We produce 65%  juice of concentrate for more of fruit concentrates and for Apple Juice Concentrate and Date Juice Concentrate are 70% brix.

Organic apple juice bulk with Brix 70 and it’s datasheet below:

Apple Juice Concentrate analyze

Export of Iranian fruit puree at wholesale prices

Juice Concentrate For Sale

Yazd Fruit Concentrate Factory is a part of Parsfaravar Industrial Fruit Concentration Complex, which can be produced, sold and exported fruit puree and fruit concentrate in different types. In Yazd city, we produce apple concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, Sour-Cherry concentrate, apple puree, etc. in bulk. When you want to buy fruit juice concentrate bulk, our sales and business experts will be available to advise you on buying fruit concentrates and fruit purees.

Buy Persian fruit puree in bulk

Persian fruit puree is one of the most popular fruit products for other food industry factories in the world. For example, the season of white peach fruit and saffron peach is for major harvest and summer peach puree production. Or in summer it’s the best time for producing and apple juice wholesale to our costumers with standard quality.

Bulk juice concentrate & bulk purees have a very good price for producing fruity food productions.

To buy fruit puree, you can find out the high quality of Pars products from the export quality of the following fruit purees:

  • Peach puree
  • Apricot puree
  • Plums puree
  • Blackberry puree
  • Strawberry puree
  • Cantaloupe puree
  • Apple puree
  • Mango Juice Concentrate

Fruit concentrate is sold on this site for various industries such as fruit juice makers, confectioners and chocolate makers, etc. You can buy directly from Parsfaravar Concentration Factory with sales and business experts whose contact information is provided on this site. The fruit concentrate factory produces and sells fruit juices in a hygienic manner without any manual and fully mechanized intervention.

We have many kinds of juice concentrate for sale to our costumers. Just call us and order!

Juice Concentrate For Sale

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