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Wholesale apple concentrate with Brix70 | lowest price on year 2019

Wholesale apple concentrate with Brix70 produced by Parsfarvar Co. with high quality and lowest price in the world on end months of the year 2019. Many our costumers order our productions for juicing, fruit-roll, confectionery, … Since apple has natural sugar, it is used as a sweetener in many different food industries.

Buy fruit concentrate in all kinds

Today for producing organic Juice, its better to use fruit concentrates with easier transport and keeping conditions. Fruit juice concentrates are normally produced on heat methods. In this method we called concentrated juices that it Brix’s rises up. For fruit purees like apple puree it brix in warm method fixed between 30-40 at maximum. But for fruit concentrates normally their brixes rises to 65-70 at maximum.

Another method of production concentrate and purees that its higher technology in the world we called it Cold-Method. Cold-Method for fruit purees and concentrates keep it natural fruit brix’s. For example apple puree in Cold-Method has a brix factor between 10-16. And it viscosity is lower than heated concentrates and purees.

Buy fruit juice concentrate for your factory from the biggest mother company in industrial fruit field. Parsfaravar fruit concentrate and fruit puree prices are suitable for the customers of this company and are in competition with the world. For example, the price of Parsfaravar export apple concentrate is less than $ 1000 per ton.

At Parsfaravar we produce fruit concentrate and fruit puree that have the right amount of heat in addition to the standard production and storage conditions to have a natural and favorable color for brewing, confectionery and chocolate factories….

One of the best Iranian fruit concentrate is pomegranate juice concentrate that has a high quality and special flavor and color. More than 3,000 tons of Pomegranate Concentrate is produced annually in the Concentrate field of Parsfaravar Co. and packed in 265 kg barrels palatalized packed for customers in other countries including Turkey, Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, etc … sent.

wholesale apple concentrate

We want to introduce you Apple Juice Concentrate with 70 Brix is a kind of concentrate processed from ripe apples with no artificial ingredients or fillers.
It has a typical apple juice concentrate appearance with good clarity and an aroma and flavor typical of apples. Apple puree is concentrated to maximum 40 Brix and it useful for producing fruit-roll and confectionery and …

Apple juice concentrate bulk

Many seller people of countries looking for Apple juice concentrate bulk factories. Bulk apple juice suppliers in Iran with brand of Parsfaravar Co. has a known name for many costumers. We have a broad variety of juice concentrates available below list:
  • Apple concentrate
  • Grape concentrate
  • Orange concentrate
  • Barberry concentrate
  • Pomegranate concentrate
  • Lemon concentrate
  • Sour-cherry concentrate
  • Date concentrate
  • Peach concentrate
  • Plums concentrate

Also fruit purees are produced in Parsfaravar Co. in variety of below lists:

  • Apple puree
  • Strawberry puree
  • Plums puree
  • Apricot puree
  • Peach puree
  • Banana puree
  • Mango puree
  • Date puree

We have great seasonal discounts during the production season for selling fruit concentrates and fruit puree. It is enough that you order to buy all kinds of fruit concentrates mainly by means of communication of this site. We will send you the bulk fruit concentrate as soon as possible.

Also mango juice concentrate is a very favor kinds of fruit concentrates. You can receive info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of this production with famous brands of India. Before you purchase it you can take its data-sheet and then buy.

wholesale apple concentrate

wholesale apple concentrate

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