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Dried Fruit Suppliers | Best Dried Plum Suppliers with Traditional Methods

Keeping fresh fruit is not always possible, humans have always sought a way to keep fruit long. Today, freezing is known as the best method of preserving food, while many fruits, if frozen, have an inappropriate quality and are often not used as frozen. From ancient times, they used drying, jam, sugar, etc., to hold fruits, fruits such as plums, peaches, berries and grapes, often dried in plum, plum leaves, dried berries and raisins. Have been used. Even today, the consumption of dried fruits is very high, and there are electrical and gas appliances for people to quickly dry fruits. Of course, drying fruits without additives and completely organic. Dried fruits can be stored for a much longer period than fresh fruits, and especially in long journeys where the refrigerator is not available, dried fruit can be a good snack. You can find dried fruit suppliers in all countries of the world but the easiest way to buy dried fruits especially in bulk, is buying from online stores.

Dried Fruit Suppliers | Best Dried Plum Suppliers with Traditional Methods

Affordable Dried Plums Exports

Affordable Dried Plums Exports The fresh plum has a sweet taste, while the dried plum has a flavor and even sour taste, which makes it more popular among the people. Dried plum also has a longer shelf life and can even be used up to one year after drying. You should, of course, keep in mind the storage conditions of this product, so you can keep a longer time on your product. Today , in all countries around the world you can find dried plums, But some countries products are high in quality like Iran. Iran has the biggest producers of plum fresh fruit, So the dried plum is producing in Iran in high volume. Iranian plum fruit because of conditions of the environment and climate conditions has a great taste so the dried fruit of this plum will be so delicious and high quality. The best way that you can find dried fruit suppliers is using websites.

Dried Plums Nutrition facts

Dried Plums Nutrition facts Prune is one of the fruits that there is little willingness to eat among the people, but if you care about your body, it’s better to put this fruit in your diet. This fruit is seasonal and is mostly available in yellow plum or black plum, as well as dried plums, which have magical properties. Dried plums nutrition, Plum has a strong antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of blood cholesterol and harmful free radicals, thus contributing to blood circulation in the blood vessels and guaranteeing the health of the heart. Due to the presence of vitamin C and iron, prune is a great and very powerful compound that can be used to treat colds and flu. The presence of vitamin A in Plum contributes to the health of the eyes and strengthens vision and protects the eye area. Due to its juicy nature, it is a potent and effective diuretic for the kidneys and bladders and is effective in their health.  Dried fruit suppliers are selling their products in the different packages.

Healthy Fibre In Plums

Healthy Fibre In Plums Dry plum is a natural remedy for repelling! The amount of fiber it contains is almost equivalent to oatmeal. In fact, 4 dried plums have about 3 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber. Fibre in plums, Dried plums are due to their soluble fibers, and the insoluble fibers in it accelerate the passage of stool from the intestines. Dried plums have a lot of fiber, there are 7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of plum. The presence of fibers is necessary to eliminate appetite. The plum-soluble fiber helps to maintain the health of the bile in the intestines, then eliminate it and lower cholesterol. To overcome your eating desire, add dried plums to some of your foods.

Dried Fruit Suppliers with Traditional Methods

Dried Fruit Suppliers with Traditional Methods Each year, about 10 million tons of plums are produced in the world, with Iran producing about 147,000 tons of the world’s 10th largest corn borer. Plums are used in addition to fresh cherries in the form of compote, jam, dried fruit and lavender. This fruit is dried in two traditional and industrial ways. Iran is in a good position in the field of nuts production and the nursery is grown for export and trade to different countries in Iran with the highest power and strength. Using the experience in addition to modern science has caused these two factors to be handled and Iran’s dry products are among the best and best selling items in this country. Iran is one of the biggest dried fruit suppliers and dried plum in the world. Iranian dried fruits have so high quality, So many traders in other countries like to buy Iranian nuts , dried fruit and etc.

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